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Parish Path Wardens

Would you keep an eye on the paths in your parish or a neighbouring one?

 A way to do that involves something that you love doing: walking. You could do it alone or with one or more friends.

 When you come across a path problem e.g. vegetation overgrowth, difficult stile, locked gate, collapsing footbridge, path not made good after ploughing, you report it.

 Reporting is easy, you can choose how you do it.

 Jim Parke, our parish path warden (PPW) network coordinator, has written helpful guidance notes and is always there to give additional help if required.

1 Grove FP1 stile to KG

Parishes without path wardens

There are PPWs in 80% of our parishes. We would love this to be 100%.

You can see from the list below which parishes don’t have a PPW. You do not have to live in a parish to be the PPW for it. Indeed, you do not have to be a member of Ramblers. 

2 Littleworth new FB

How to be a PPW

It would be good if you would walk all the paths in your chosen parish at least once a year. Doing it in both summer and winter would be even better. If you can’t walk all of the paths, do what you can. Do it alone or with one or more friends. How to be a PPW’. It is also helpful to have secateurs to carry out light trimming on any vegetation that is in your way.

We’ll give you a large scale (1:10,000) map of your chosen parish, kindly provided by Oxfordshire County Council’s (OCC) Countryside Access Service (CAS), with whom we have an excellent working relationship. The map contains details of all the Public Rights of Way, including their reference numbers.

3 Uffington FP4 new stile and FB

In addition to this map we suggest that you carry some means of noting the problems you find. This could be a camera or smart phone to take close-up shots.

If you have a GPS or a grid reference app on your smartphone this will immediately give you the grid reference for the issue. If you are not familiar with grid references, don’t worry; make a note of the position as best you can.

When you report a problem via OCC’s website (using their CAMS Web map) then the map shows the position of stiles, gates and footbridges with easily recognisable icons. You can include photographs in your CAMS Web report.

 4 Uffington FP4 electric to stile

While all reports of path problems should be sent to the CAS using the CAMS Web reporting system, information on serious problems (such as a fallen tree blocking the footpath, or a dangerous stile or footbridge) can be emailed to the appropriate field-officer for the area. Details of these are given in the Supplementary Information listed below.

You’ll find more information within the guides written by our PPW Network Co-ordinator, Jim Parke (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.):

* Guidelines (September 2018).

* Supplementary Information (September 2018)

  Parishes with PPW vacancies

Banbury & North Oxfordshire
Broughton and Drayton
Bicester & Kidlington
Middleton Stoney
Didcot & Wallingford
Thame & Wheatley
Cuddesford & Denton
Stanton St. John
Vale of White Horse
Fyfield & Tubney
Kingston Bagpuize
South Hinksey
West Oxfordshire
Aston Cote & Shifford
Faringdon (Little)
Grafton & Radcot
Great Tew
Hardwick with Yelford
Kiddington with Asterleigh
Little Faringdon
Little Tew
Over Norton
Steeple Barton

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Professor Sir J A Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP is the President of Oxfordshire Ramblers. Find out more under the ‘walking’ tab, then ‘health walks’.

Professor Sir J A Muir Gray, CBE, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP is the President of Oxfordshire Ramblers. Find out more under the ‘walking’ tab, then ‘health walks’.

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