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The Ramblers helps everyone, everywhere,
enjoy walking
and protects the places we all love to walk

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Welcome to Oxfordshire Ramblers.
We have over 2000 members in the county and over 100,000 throughout Great Britain. Some people join us for our convivial and companionable led walks – over 800 in Oxfordshire each year, over 45,000 nationwide – and associated social activities. Others join to support Ramblers charitable activities – protecting and improving our footpath network and open spaces, and championing walking for all. Some members go on to be volunteers.
All of us subscribe to The Ramblers’ Vision:
a country where everyone enjoys the outdoors on foot and benefits from the experience.

Not a member at the moment?

Not sure if Ramblers is for you? If it’s our campaigning and advocacy work that you are interested in, you can find out about it here. If it is walking with others that you are after – for the pleasure of walking and talking in good company – why not come along on two or three of our walks, for free, before you make up your mind? Our Oxon 20s30s group is for whom you would expect, providing both walks and social activities. Oxon Weekend Walkers also do what it says on the tin, catering for all but especially for those who are otherwise occupied during the week. We have eight other groups, each in a defined part of the county, whose walks and social events are generally attended by those in the 55+ age group.

There are walks for everyone, from leisurely to quick, from short to long, on most days of the year. Although members can choose to be associated with one or other of our 10 groups, remember that you can not only go on any of our walks within Oxfordshire but also within the whole of Great Britain. You will find out more about membership here. If you are interested in a Walking for Health walk, you can find a group near you on this Ramblers webpage.

We hope to meet you.


Walk with the Ramblers
For information and a membership application form please contact: Peter Stone
or go to the Ramblers web site to join via the national association.